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Our goal is to tackle two challenges:

  • In the greatest city in the world, thousands of good people are living on the streets. They need our help, but it’s very hard for them to find a way to ask for it.
  • Goodhearted people like you and I walk by people who are street. We want to help, but it’s not always clear how to. 

Here’s where we come in.

We speak to hundreds of street homeless individuals every month to identify the ways anyone can help. They tell us their stories and the things they need like socks, tampons and pads, snacks, and winter coats.

We reach out to incredible organizations who share our mission. Thanks to them, we are able to acquire everything our friends on the streets ask for.

Friends and strangers hear our story and join our fight. Their response has been astounding, inspiring, and quite frankly overwhelming. Today, we send out volunteers four times a week to help those on the streets.

Our mission doesn’t stop there. While there are incredible people who have devoted their adult lives to fighting homelessness, the real experts are the ones who live it each and everyday. We seek to share their stories, co-author policies they recommend, and better understand what we can do to be their allies.

Our message to you is one of radical inclusion: You can help.

If you can spare $5 per month, you can power our volunteer team, and if enough people donate, we can hire a formerly or currently homeless person to lead our volunteer team.

If you can spare time, sign up to volunteer with us. In addition to our tight knit weekly volunteers, we send a large group our once a month.

If you have extra stuff you’re willing to donate, we’ll take it and make sure it gets into the right hands.

This is a fight for humanity, for dignity, and for New York values. We welcome you with open arms.