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We deliver crucial resources to our neighbors who live on the streets.

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Our Story In Three Steps

Step 1

We hit the streets and we did something radical. We listened. After surveying hundreds of street homeless New Yorkers, we identified their basic needs and how we can meet them. We continue to put our neighbors from the street front and center of our everything we do.

Step 2

We built partnerships with local nonprofits and local businesses to acquire everything our friends asked for. Now, we have a storage unit packed with socks, tampons and pads, snack bars, soaps, and emergency blankets.

Step 3

Now, we send a compassionate team of volunteers out every week to make deliveries, listen, and respect our friends who live on the street. We've laughed with them, we've cried with them, and now we're going to fight with them.

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You can chip in $5/month in our monthly plan, $5/week ($20/month) to our weekly plan, or $5/day ($150/month) to our daily plan. We'll email you with monthly updates sharing the impact of your donation and stories from the people you've empowered us to connect with.